10 WordPress Plugins For Your Tech Blog

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As a general rule of thumb, most mistakes you will encounter along with your WordPress site are the consequence of excessive or untrue plugins. Even though many find the choice of essential plugins that a conundrum I think in analyzing every plugin one-by-one with the most recent version of WordPress so that I can isolate the issue to ascertain the origin of the slow loading times, call purpose mistakes or PHP memory limit warnings. The most valuable tool I will inform you in regards to plugins is when the potential style for existing code which may accomplish the identical outcome.

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WordPress Plugins Review

Naturally, there are particular plugins that I utilize in my WordPress Blogs.

  • AdSense Today – You will find lots of advertisement insertion plugins for WordPress, however, in case your technician site is using AdSense – that is the plugin I urge bn positive. It permits you to fit your advertisement blocks aligned left, center, or center in 3 segments of a specific article.
  • Audio Player – having the ability to add mp3 podcasts or clips to your site can be an issue. Audio Player is a plugin that makes this process easy – just create a music folder on your website through FTP and upload mp3 monitors into the directory. You are able to insert the built-in sound player into some of your pages or posts using a very simple line of code – painless, simple, and effortless.

Decision Facebook Sharecount

It is no secret that social networking sites like Facebook are powerful approaches to make a fanbase, but having the ability to exploit that power is determined by a simple way to talk about your good content. Facebook Share count can make it effortless for visitors to discuss your articles and track your articles.

  • Foliopress Descriptions – When your tech website has hundreds or perhaps thousands of articles you’ll require a means to mass edit your own descriptions. While the significance of meta tag descriptions is debated, I believe that a handwritten outline ought to be written for every article. Foliopress Descriptions supports article excerpt, All In 1 Seo meta description disciplines.

This plugin automobile generates your site in a pleasant and tidy XML document and let us search engines know the content onto your own tech website.

  • NextGEN Gallery – Handling your pictures and picture galleries can be a nuisance, however, NextGen Gallery causes this easy.
  • Star Rating for Reviews – When you conduct a technician blog earlier or later you may begin receiving products for inspection. Developing a good inspection is just as much about content as it’s all about presentation. Star Rating for Reviews lets you make evaluations for the goods that you examine or even speed different characteristics of the item and averages the evaluations to ascertain the last score.

  • TweetMeme Retweet Button – If you examine the articles on TechBlogStartup you will see a yellowish Retweet button adapting to the right. The ability of Twitter is increasing by the day thus making it simple for the reader to ReTweet great content can prove to be quite valuable. If you have installed Google Analytics such as I explained in my previous article here, then you’ll have the ability to track exactly how many people enter your article through Twitter. If you’re wondering why I have not included ShareThis it is since I manually insert the code rather than using a WordPress Plugin.

  • WP Super Cache – In case you have heard of Digg then chances are you have heard of this Digg Effect where a post on a site gets so popular so fast that the flood of visitors to the site causes the server to crash. Since WordPress sites are made on SQL Databases they’re exceptionally susceptible to this illness, but installing WP Super Cache can practically eliminate this danger. If your technician site is brand new I’d put in the plugin but not activate it before I began to observe spikes in traffic or a few of my posts were picked up with a significant tech site like Engadget or Gizmodo.

  • All in 1 SEO – Search Engine Optimization is an integral component of driving organic visitors to your tech website. Writing good content is crucial, but as soon as you’ve established those articles you want to ensure it targets keywords and contains several simple optimizations to make it search engine friendly. All in 1 SEO does this work nicely. If You’re using the WordPress theme that I use (Thesis) then you Won’t want this plugin, but for pretty much any WordPress theme I recommend installing it immediately so You Can Begin composing your custom meta tag descriptions

Each the plugins I have mentioned previously could be downloaded and then uploaded via FTP to a site or you may insert them from within your WordPress Dashboard – I favor the latter. If you’re thinking about why specific plugins aren’t recorded on my top 10 list – that I simply don’t find them key to a tech site.

You’ll see I really do somethings using TechBlogStartup that a lot of individuals utilize Plugins or Widgets to perform – eg. The top 6 posts aligned horizontally on the peak of the website or the Recent Posts section from the sidebar. For technology sites that get a huge volume of visitors, restricting the plugins helps decrease the SQL memory load and if you’ve ever needed a site crash you understand exactly how significant this is. Have you got any WordPress plugins on your own tech site which you think we ought to know about?