Air Conditioning Installation Cost

The price of purchasing an air conditioning unit, ductwork, electricity, and installation will quickly add up quickly. The average price to install central air conditioning, which includes the unit, itself, is roughly between three thousand to five thousand dollars.

Air Conditioning Installation

The price will also depend on the size of the AC system (tonnage), the ductwork required, and the labor costs. Many homeowners and businesses opt to purchase a pre-made system or add-on piece at a later time.

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The installation of a central air conditioning replacement system typically begins with a consultation from an HVAC specialist The specialist first determines the size and type of air conditioning replacement needed for the building. The air conditioning replacement cost will depend on many factors, including HVAC material, size, style, and installation method.

Most often, the cost of air conditioning installation will include all or partial installation of the HVAC unit, ducts, and hardware. Depending on air conditioning installation cost, some or all of these other pieces may be purchased from the same location where the air conditioning replacement unit is purchased.

Other factors that will contribute to air conditioning installation costs are the amount of work necessary to create an efficient and safe system. This includes any ductwork necessary to support the HVAC unit.

Many businesses and homeowners choose to purchase ductwork from a local professional contractor, as it is important to have a reputable contractor to perform any large-scale installation. When choosing a contractor to perform the installation, it is wise to ask for references and check them out with the Better Business Bureau before hiring.