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Bakemonogatari is a Japanese psychological, suspense, and adventure anime TV series. It is the follow-up to the successful Hataraku series which went on to become a feature-length animated film Bakemonogatari (2009) Review. The director Toho wanted to make a series of movies that would tie in with the Hataraku film but was unable to get the rights from studio executives. Therefore he decided to make an anime TV series instead.

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Bakemonogatari Reviews

This franchise is a spin-off of the hit Bakemonogatari video game. In this game, you take on the role of protagonist Kyu Mikado, a professional chef who works at a famous restaurant. The restaurant is being run by his friend, the delicious Shihoin. While working there he also forms a relationship with a boy named Nodame, who happens to be the son of a powerful crime lord. Together they begin investigating the murder of a local lord, which turns out to be a murder committed by the yakuza syndicate.

Final Words

This game takes place in the same world as the Bakemonogatari video game, hence many references are made. For example, when Kyu Mikado is about to execute a mind control technique on a customer he pulls out a book from the shelf. The book says “This is far from perfect”. The game then follows suit, as you attempt to perform the same magic on a variety of people. Each person has their own set of advantages and disadvantages, so depending on which techniques you choose to use, you will be able to perform these on specific people.