Buy Backlinks From a Directory and Boost Your Rankings


If you want to know how to buy backlinks from these premium websites then this article will explain everything that you need to know. Firstly if you want to increase your search engine rankings and have a website you need backlinks in order to rank highly.

Buy Backlinks From a Directory

You can achieve this by purchasing them from one of the backlinking websites. Many of the top-ranked companies out there will give you a free transfer of their link when you buy backlinks from them, some will even offer a discount on their products if you get enough backlinks.

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So you need to find some of these websites that will sell you backlinks. The first thing you need to look for is a directory of websites that gives out free transfers, these are called the “DMOZ” sites and can be found all over the internet buy backlinks. You need to do a quick search for the particular keyword you want to rank for and then take a pick from the many high-quality backlinks that will pop up.

When you are looking for a site that will give you free transfers always go for the ones with good rankings, they may be in the top 10 but there is no guarantee that they will also rank highly for your chosen keyphrase. Choose a directory that has high-quality backlinks.

After finding a few of these directories you can now submit your site to them and before doing this you must read the submission guidelines carefully to see what you are allowed to do. Many people use these directories for boosting their own rankings but others use them to gain backlinks for their own websites, it all depends on you.

The only thing that you must remember when using a search engine like Google is to avoid getting caught by the search engines. If you are caught by the search engines, they will not give you any kind of points so you need to stay away from these. As long as you follow these guidelines your site should be fine and you will slowly start to climb the ranks of the search engines.