Cafe Au Lait Dahlia

The Cafe au Lait Dahlia is one of the most popular wedding flowers. Its soft pink and peach colors are complemented by its large, dark green leaves and a sturdy plant. It grows to about four feet tall and blooms in the mid-fall. A perfect choice for any sunny border, the Cafe au Lait dahlia is an excellent cut-flower option. Its flowers are large, fragrant, and have a hint of naughty humor.

Cafe Au Lait Dahlia

This popular dinner plate dahlia is an impressive choice for summer gardens. Its large, round blooms are a striking centerpiece and offer a long season of cut flowers. Its soft pink petals are accentuated by hints of coffee-like beige. The cafe au lait dahlia grows to around four feet high and two feet in diameter. It is classified as an Informal Decorative type.

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When growing Cafe au Lait dahlia, it is advisable to plant the tuber in the spring, at least a month before the last frost date Then, you can transplant your potted plant outdoors as soon as the soil warms up. Cafe au lait dahlias flower in mid-July. Make sure to plant them in full sun and use rich soil with a neutral pH.

If you want to grow Cafe au lait dahlias in your garden, remember that the only way to guarantee a decent amount of flowers is to grow a sufficient number of plants. If you don’t want to grow enough plants, you can even mix them with other similar-colored dahlias. That way, the flowers will more closely resemble each other. The Cafe au lait dahlia is not only attractive, but it will also thrive.