Can Supplement Cause Liver Damage?

The use of dietary supplements to support health is a controversial topic. Some claim that there are no side effects associated with the use of such products and that they can even enhance health. This controversy has been fueled by the publication of a study by the National Institute of Health, which claimed that green coffee 50 GCA could cause liver damage in rats.

Supplement Cause Liver Damage

The study tested the effects of the ingredients in five different herbal supplement brands. Although all five brands contained caffeine, it was the coffee that had the worst effects on the rats; consumption of the other ingredients led to mild or moderate liver damage in the rats.

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The main ingredients found in green coffee, which were responsible for this experiment were silymarin, caffeinated green coffee beans, polyphenols, and niacin. All of these ingredients are found in a number of herbal supplements which are marketed as weight-loss aids.

As the rats were exposed to the same amount of caffeine as they would get from a cup of coffee, they were also found to gain weight okinawa supplement. When the researchers removed the animal from the diet, they found that the silymarin and niacin had caused liver cell death. When they replaced the animal with another group, however, they found that the silymarin and niacin had not had any effect on the animals.

The results of this particular study have caused a great deal of confusion since the original claim that green coffee 50 GCA can cause liver damage has now been discredited. However, it is important to remember that this was only one test and that there is a great deal of research that still needs to be done.

Also, it should be noted that this particular study did not test the general public’s weight loss supplements but rather the specific ingredients contained in these specific weight loss supplements. When people are suffering from liver damage and need to use a safe and effective weight loss supplement, they will always want to check to see if these weight loss supplements can cause harm to the liver.