Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

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Many men and women use both phrases Quality Control and Quality Assurance equivalently to refer to exactly the exact same idea. However the terms are distinct in meaning in addition to purpose.

Quality Control

It’s in fact quite simple to specify and clarify the conditions.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the definitions of Quality Assurance and Quality control according to different standard bodies.

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QA is described as” The systematic and planned activities implemented in an Excellent system to ensure quality demands for a Service or Product will likely be fulfilled.”

QC is described as” The monitoring methods and activities used to fulfill requirements for quality”

According to ISO 9000

QC is described as” A Component of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements”

Quality control concentrates more on failure detection. It includes various procedures, strategies and systems to pick certain areas that are under the expectations and criteria of the organization to its services and products.

On the flip side, Quality assurance pertains to the rules and processes that aim to foresee any possible failure which may happen to avoid this from occurring before it occurs.

Another distinction between QA and QC is that while Quality assurance ensures that what you’re doing are appropriate things quality control asia in an ideal way whilst QC helps to ensure that the outcomes of everything you’ve done are according to your expectations.

QA is a function that is proactive, therefore an excellent assurance program provides a high quality of work.

QC is concerned with checking that the job is completed properly, and so is compliant. It concentrates on fixing deviations after the job was done. Or we could say, Quality management actions acts as corrective steps.

The gap between QA and QC can also be one of control and power. QC is under charge of growth whilst QA controls growth.

It’s frequently discovered that although some businesses focus more on QC, other concentrates primarily on promise of quality. For efficient quality and running goods, these two procedures must subject to appropriate management and evaluation.


The two QA and QC have the same aim however they differ in strategies and fashion. They’re strongly interdependent making it hard to pinpoint the gaps. To make matter worse, in certain businesses, the two works are performed by one division.