Eco-Homes: Why Fixing Zinc Is the”Green” Solution for Residential Roofs

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Sustainable, or”green,” buildings – buildings which are deliberately designed to utilize natural resources in a means that is environmentally friendly — are no longer a luxury.

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Furthermore, buildings emit 38 percent of the carbon dioxide (the primary greenhouse gas associated with climate change), 49 percent of the sulfur dioxide, and 25 percent of the nitrogen oxides found in the air. Currently, the vast majority of this energy is produced from non-renewable, fossil fuel resources…”

Green” Solution for Residential Roofs

Of the two strategies to decrease heating, cooling and lighting loads”through climate-responsive design and construction practices,” the Whole Building Design Guide recommends the usage of”high-performance building envelopes: pick walls, roofs, and other assemblies based on long-term insulation, and durability requirements”

One of the most sustainable, high performance building materials prevalent throughout the world is zinc.

Zinc is reported to be the 23rd most abundant element in the earth’s crust Website. It is a non-ferrous metal which is not susceptible to rust or corrosion: It’s weatherproof, seismic proof, corrosion resistant, and immune to the damaging effects of UV rays, ensuring a very long service life without degradation.

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This is possible because architectural zinc develops its own protective coating, which is known as zinc hydroxyl carbonate. Once it’s formed, this layer blocks moisture and chemicals from penetrating the zinc and, if it’s scratched, the hydroxyl carbonate will reform over time. In other words, zinc heals itself. That is why zinc walls and roofs continue on average from 80 to 100 decades.Eco-Homes: Why Fixing Zinc Is the”Green” Solution for Residential Roofs