How Content Moderation Is Comparable to Coal Mining

Facebook is not the only company that is facing trouble over content moderation. Fortune 500 company Accenture is known for its high-tech services, accounting services, and consulting to governments and multinational companies. However, it is also the firm that has been tapped to handle Facebook’s moderation process on a full-time basis.

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As a result, Accenture has become one of the biggest partners of the social networking giant. The firm has been accused of using “Big Brother” tactics, including limiting employee phone usage to their desks and restricting employees’ use of break time during the first and last hours of their shifts.

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In its annual report, Accenture listed content moderation as a risk factor. The firm said the work could expose it to media scrutiny. So, it made a decision to limit the number of clients it works with for the time being and required approval from senior management before hiring new moderators content moderation outsourcing. Despite the setbacks, the company left some things the same as before. For instance, its contracts with Facebook were unaffected.

A recent study compared content moderation to coal mining. George Orwell documented the brutal conditions of coal miners in England. He wrote that the modern world would not exist without these miners. They worked underground for long hours under harsh conditions for meager pay. And yet, today, many of us would rather not read about the horrors of the coal mines than learn about them. It’s no wonder that the debate over content moderation has been raging for years.

There are a few differences between content moderation and coal mining. While content moderation is a more complex business, it’s still a growing trend. The challenges that content moderators face have many similarities. In coal mining, for example, many miners stayed underground for years in miserable conditions, receiving meager wages. This is the case today. Those who don’t like coal mining will likely want to remain in the darkness, but the modern world is impossible without workers.

Unlike in coal mining, there are many differences between content moderation and coal mining. While both types of workers were required to perform the same tasks, there were no clear rules for the methods they used. But the process of content moderating was different from coal mining. Its methods were highly specialized, and they didn’t necessarily apply to every company. The same principles applied to the latter. While a miner may be an excellent miner, the process of selecting a co-worker in a new company is not an effective way to get ahead in the workplace.

In contrast, content moderators at Accenture are now called wellness coaches. They are not allowed to perform psychological tests or diagnoses, but they must offer short-term support for employees. This approach has been a great success for the company. The work is now becoming more efficient and productive. As the company grows, it also grows its profits. Therefore, content moderation is an important part of the Accenture culture. The firm’s employees are more satisfied than ever before.