How Much Does Damp Proofing Cost?

You might have a damp problem, but how much does damp proofing cost? The answer to this question depends on the cause of the problem, and how much work you need to be done to remedy the situation. Some damp problems are caused by water vapour, which can condense on cold surfaces and then sink into walls, ceilings, and floors. Another cause of dampness is when moisture from the outside enters your home through holes in the foundations. This type of damp is particularly hard to deal with and can cause damage to your home.

Damp Proofing Cost

If you notice a problem with penetrating damp, you will need to invest in a damp-proof membrane. This membrane will cost around PS125 per m2, depending on where you live and the type of work required to access the membrane. In severe cases, you will have to replace your uPVC windows, which could cost you PS500 or more. Once the faulty joists have been removed, the rest of the walls will need to be redecorated to make them water-tight.

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You may notice signs of dampness when you notice bubbles, peeling wallpaper, or mould on your walls. Depending on the extent of your problem, damp proofing may require you to visit your local building society and discuss the situation with your neighbours damp proofing service. The cost of damp proofing your walls is relatively low in London and can cost up to PS200 per square metre, but it can be costly if your home is unlivable.