How Much Does Gengo Pay? A Closer Look

As a freelance writer who is looking for a way to make some extra money you may have been asked about how much does gengo pay translators. You know that this industry is worth a lot of money but unless you know how much does gengo pay translators, how will you ever be able to get paid for your hard work? There are many ways to find out how much does gengo pay but before we talk about those let us first look at how freelance translators actually make money.

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Freelance translators get paid depending on how much they want to work and the client’s agreement with them. If they want to work just one hour they get paid $10 an hour click here. If they want to work the whole day they can get paid more, some translators make as much as a thousand dollars a day. There are also times when a client requests to only add some words to a document. In this case, the translator would only get paid if the project reaches a certain threshold amount of words.

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There are other ways how much does gengo pay translators, some of them may include tips from the client itself (this is called the Tip Sheet) and some may include fees charged by the agency. Tips are always appreciated by clients because this is how they are getting their favorite word processor. For agencies this is how they make their commission, they pay translators based on how much work they do.