How to Get Into Close Protection

A close protection security officer is a person, who works in close proximity of an explosive or dangerous material, who can take cover and/or fire support provided by the Explosive Ordnance disposal team or the military police security guard London. If there is ever a threat of loss of life, it is common practice for a close protection security officer to accompany the bomb disposal expert and/or a police officer to contain any explosive that is discovered at a site to be cleared away. Close protection officers also have access to military weaponry and vehicles such as the FBI gunship or the military helicopter gunship.

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Close Protection

The close protection officer is typically heavily armed and experienced in carrying out negotiations with any dangerous or volatile person(s) who may be present at a site. If asked how to get into close protection, it is usually best if one was trained specifically for this type of role. In some instances, the role may be performed by an off-duty officer or even an army soldier depending on their particular expertise.

Final Words

The training required to become a close protection officer is extensive and often includes specific classes and training on how to deal with psychological, physical and emotional issues that can arise during operations. It is also common to include lessons on building rapport and how to work within a multicultural society. These skills will then need to be honed and tested under extreme time and weather conditions while on duty. Often the role requires the close protection officer to relocate often, so the physical and emotional training should be suitably intense and ongoing in order to remain in top condition.