Information About Jonny Garcia and the Home Inspectors of Hot Springs Village

In my previous article, I wrote about the Home Inspection Company in Village Arbor, Arizona. That company is operated by Jonny Garcia who is a former professional home inspector for the Arizona Corporation for Insurance and Financial Risk Management, Inc. who has served on the internal affairs committee of the Arizona Corporation for Insurance and Financial Risk Management since 2021.

Home Inspectors of Hot Springs Village

He is certified in both structural/mechanical and engineering principles. In this article, he talks about his experience with hot springs in Arizona as well as provides general information about home inspectors in general.

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The main focus of the company is to provide customers who need an independent professional home inspection with an accredited and experienced Arizona home inspector fiberglass swimming pool. They provide this service by providing a list of licensed home inspectors in the area of Tempe, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff who are also members of the Association of Arizona Home Inspectors. When choosing which company to use they will evaluate your needs and resources.

For instance, if you have new construction or a significant repair, they will be able to take your structure through the review process and make a recommendation about whether to grant you a home inspection or not. They will also help you determine which type of inspection would be best for your home based on the data they collect from the inspection.

They are not just concerned about staying in compliance with the regulations of the Arizona Corporation for Insurance and Financial Risk Management, Inc. (CAIRMM). The goal of this organization is to have you feel comfortable and confident about the home you choose to purchase. Since we have already talked about the services of Jonny who is also a member of the association, I will now mention some of the other services that he provides.

From the information I have read, he seems to be a very good and thorough home inspector who appreciates good clients who communicate honestly and are willing to do whatever it takes to make your home safer and more valuable to you.