Lighting For Minimalist Dining Room and Bathroom

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Lighting for your minimalist dining room is a matter of proper lighting. This means, whatever your choice of furniture and decorations, you have to make sure that the lighting in the room will complement everything Whether you use track lighting or wall sconces, make sure that they will not be a hindrance in moving about in the room. Your lighting in the bathroom should also be just as minimal as possible because this can help you save space and give you privacy. Here are a few ideas on lighting for the bathroom:

Lighting For Minimalist Dining Room

You don’t have to follow any conventional style lighting for your bathroom. In fact, there are many different kinds of lighting available, so you can experiment with different colors and designs, and you can also make them all very minimal A good example would be using wall sconces and vanity lights. You can also use dimmer switches and ceiling fans if you want to have the atmosphere of a spa resort.

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You should also pay attention to how much lighting you are getting. Don’t, for instance, install an entire ceiling fan, as that will make the room too hot and you will actually feel worse than you would in a more spacious room. You have to balance brightness and airiness, which are something you are already very good at. Just choose the right lights and you will find yourself relaxed and enjoying the comfort of your home away from distractions.