Long Distance Bike Tour To Ladakh

For an avid bike rider, it would be difficult not riding long distances bike tours for a long time. Going on a long distance bike tour is what an avid rider lives for; ready to take the unknown upcoming challenges.  If you are an avid rider, then a Long distance bike tour to Ladakh(https://www.ladakh-tourism.net/leh-ladakh-bike-trip) would going to be an experience of a lifetime. You will never experience a long distance bike tour as thrilling as the bike tour to Ladakh. During this long distance bike tour to Ladakh, you will travel more than 2000 Kms on amazing road of Ladakh. Whether you would travel across unique landscapes or across remote areas of the Ladakh, this long-distance motorbike riding is a truly unique experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Before you embark on this long distance bike tour to Ladakh you need to make some preparations.


Follow the tips below to prepare yourself for the ride:

1. Choose the right motorcycle style

There are many styles to choose from, and some motorcycles are more suitable for long-distance riding. Riding posture, cargo size and windshield can make a huge difference for you.

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2. Distance – Be realistic with the distance to be covered on this long distance bike tour to Ladakh. Riding while tired because you had to arrive the end-of-day destination can be exhausting and dangerous.

3. GPS / Map – Find out and map your final destination via GPS or old paper map. Determine how long it will take to get there, whether it’s a few hours or a few days. This may take some thought and planning, because there may be many paths to follow. Want to get there quickly on the Interstate Highway? Or would you choose a scenic route to enjoy some great sceneries? Maybe you want to try this popular little restaurant?

4. Climate – Pay attention to the climate when riding so you can pack your bags. Or do you ride your bike during your spring shower? Maybe a long summer today? In a few minutes, the terrain on the mountain paths may change from hot to cold, so be prepared for the ever-changing temperatures.

5. Accommodation – Plan in advance the places you want to spend the nights and reserve your accommodation prior to departure.

6. Fuel stops – You must know how far you can travel with a full tank, with this information you can plan gas stations in advance. Larger motorcycles may have larger fuel tanks that can travel more than 500 Kms at cruising speed.

7. Gear – You will need the proper motorcycle gear for riding. Other than weather protective gear, there are some other options that may make your long-distance ride more comfortable and enjoyable, such as, Heated grips, Padded grips, Gel seats, Backrest etc.

8. Riding Posture – When riding for a long time, maintain a neutral position to keep your muscles relaxed and ready to react until you stop and take a break to stretch. Your handlebars should position your hands ideally between your stomach and shoulders, roughly midway, and your arms should have a slight droop to them. Pressure on muscles and joints can lead to early fatigue.