Management Implications of Business Marketing Articles

A recent survey of business marketing articles published in academic journals has revealed that managerial implications are often recurrent. This article aims to examine these managerial implications, identify the relationships between them, and test whether managerial implications vary based on scientific impact. To answer these questions, the article assessed 60 articles published in generalist academic journals and evaluated their formal features, language, and translation of scientific results. The results of this study provide important insights for business marketing strategies.

Management Implications of Business Marketing

While article writing is a highly effective way to promote your business, you shouldn’t forget to follow certain rules. Articles must be concise, as big chunks of content tend to scare readers. They should be no more than 250 to 500 words. It is also best to choose article publishers that allow you to link to your own website, thereby attracting more traffic and sales. It is also important to limit the length of your article to 250 to 500 words to avoid overcrowding.

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If you’d like to work in the marketing industry, you might consider earning a business marketing associate’s degree. This type of degree combines fundamental business skills with marketing principles to train students for careers in the field of Marketing for Local businesses. Courses include topics such as marketing functions, accounting, human resources management, and legal issues.

In addition, the coursework prepares students for future employment by helping them write for a business audience and analyze information. Because of their flexible format, these programs can take longer than two years to complete.