Mental Health Benefits of Exercise – Adding Exercise to Your Day

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Mental health benefits of exercise are many. Exercise has been shown to relieve stress, improve alertness, increase energy and stamina, promote weight loss, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and improve overall well-being. Regular physical activity can also help reduce the effects of depression and anxiety, and boost your immune system.

Mental Health Benefits

When faced with emotional or physical challenges in daily life, regular exercise helps you develop resilience and cope better, rather than resorting to drugs, alcohol, or other unhealthy behaviors. It also has other positive health effects including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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Exercise is a great way to manage both physical and mental health, because it allows you to release negative emotions that are affecting your life. If you are living with constant stress, exercising can reduce your anxiety, increase your happiness, improve your mood and energy level, and give you greater control over your emotions.

People who exercise regularly have fewer panic attacks are less depressed, and generally, feel better about their physical health and their lives in general In addition to these mental health benefits of exercise, regular physical activity releases endorphins, the “happy” hormones that are produced when you exercise and increases your motivation and energy.

You can start to increase your mental and physical activity just by adding more small things such as walking up a flight of stairs or getting up from a chair. No matter how small your steps are, when you begin to move out of your comfort zone, it’s going to seem like more effort is being added.

As your body becomes accustomed to the challenge of increasing activity, you will notice that the amount of time you are actually sitting or resting will decrease. Eventually, you won’t need to add more time to your day to exercise – simply making the activity part of your daily routine will do the trick.