Passover Programs 2022

Pesach programs in 2022 will be much more meaningful and inspirational than those of previous years. In fact, the holiday will begin on Friday, April 15, 2022, in the Jewish State of Israel. The first night will be the Seder, and for Jews in the Diaspora, a second Seder night will follow the evening of Motzei Shabbat. Many Passover programs will even offer early check-in so that you can enjoy the holiday early.

Passover Programs

A Perfect Pesach will feature a luxury villa, a private pool, and a day camp. For those who don’t want to travel to far-off locations, there are also kosher retreat centers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Georgia Passover Programs. And for those who prefer a more home-like setting, the East Coast has many options. From New Hampshire to Connecticut, the program options range from Massachusetts to Virginia, and from New Jersey to South Carolina.

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In the United States, 2022 will feature a number of Passover programs, including those in the UAE, Israel, and the USA. As in the past, many of these events will focus on kashrut and observing Halachah in a religious context, so you can expect some of the most unique Passover experiences this year. If you are not religious, you can look for a program that caters to your needs.