Railblazas – Easily Installable and Customize Your Bike!

No matter what type of boating you do, the RailBlaza rail system will provide you with many value-added features. Its unique rail mounting system allows for secure fastening and securing of the rail to any type of vessel. You can mount it on the rail of your boats and trailers, trailer, or even on the ground, providing optimum stability.


The RailBlaza system is made of high-quality, heavy-duty galvanized tubing that is designed to withstand all weather conditions. You can mount and disconnect the rail easily using a handy remote control.

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For maximum utility, go ahead, add plenty of useful accessories onto your boat. The RailBlaza 19-pound RailMaster rail clamp easily mounts onto virtually any 19-inch round or square rail and secures and attaches any of RailBlaza’s expandable marine accessories, including fittings, cleats, rails, and fittings Railblaza Kayak Mounting Accessories. For easy attachment and removal, it also comes with rubber self-adhesive pads, thumb screws, and mounting hardware. Features an expandable stainless steel rail clamp with ball bearing, making it an ideal fit for all types of boats.

The rail clamp is compatible with all types of fittings including the ratchet and cleat systems. The rail clamp attaches easily to the railblaza boom tower, providing safe, efficient mounting and removal. This mounting system is ideal for outdoor use, offering an excellent and solid mounting system. The ratchet and cleat systems are available in single and dual configurations, making them suitable for all kinds of installations.

The RailMaster accessory base allows users to easily select the desired rail configuration, attach desired accessories, and easily make adjustments as needed. The rail base accepts the most popular screw drive designs and is compatible with most Hobie systems. Features of the RailMaster accessory base include:

The RailMaster accessory base comes complete with adaptors and cleats that allow users to easily select a preferred rail mounting system. The adapter snaps onto one of the rail’s three cross beams. These cleats snap into place on the two side rails. The RailMaster adaptor mount comes complete with self-adhering rubber grips and hook & loop tape, making it easy to install and remove. It is ideal for both deck and rail system installations.

The rail-mounted accessories, clamps, cleats, and adaptors come complete with the following accessories: stainless rail clamps, front and rear bumper bumpers, front and rear track bars, and brake cable clamps. The RailMaster kits and hardware are designed to be extremely versatile with optional accessories available to suit individual tastes.

There are rubber grip options available in black and aluminum for added grip, as well as stainless steel clamps in colors to match the model. There is also a cable clamp included for wire harnessing. All RailMaster parts, such as the rail clamps, cleats, adaptors, and screws, are made out of high-quality galvanized hardware.