South Florida Classical Review – Top 10 Performances of 2011

Founded in 1890, South Florida’s classical music scene is still thriving, with an increasingly diverse list of performing arts venues. In addition to live and streaming performances, classical music is also available through a variety of subscription services, such as Pandora and Spotify.

South Florida Classical Review

However, many of the performances have been canceled, such as the disastrous 2009 Pandemic season. In recent years, however, the region has been enjoying the best of classical music, including some of its best performances.

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In 2011, the Florida Grand Opera made an impressive debut, featuring the world’s best violinists. The concert featured Joshua Bell, a global celebrity who has recently turned to orchestral directions south florida business review. Despite his masterful playing, Bell’s direction was not as impressive as the previous seasons.

The audience was enchanted by his skill and charisma, but they had no idea just how much the world-famous violinist would actually do in the next two decades.

Although the festival’s season was limited to classical repertoire, it was still worth mentioning some of the outstanding performers and productions. The Frost Opera Theater, for example, received an honorable mention in the South Florida Classical Review’s Top 10 Performances of 2011.

The article is published annually and will be available soon online. Until then, check out the site for the full list of award-winning performances. The website offers more information about the organization, its artists, and its programming.