The Meaning of Knife in Urdu

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A common question of Pakistani and South Asian people is, What does the meaning of the word “knife” in Urdu differ from English? This question is often asked by those who are not Urdu speakers, and who are not interested in learning more about the language and its history.

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The word” Knife” in Urdu actually means” Sword” or “Coat knives”. However, one of the most important rules in learning any language is to not translate a word that is not familiar to you into a foreign language to make it fit your native tongue.

Meaning of Knife in Urdu

In Urdu, one of the three standard singular forms of the word, “Panj” literally means a knife or sword, while the plural form, “Panj” literally translates as two knives. In this case, while one knife is referred to as a “Panja”, it would be considered unnecessary to add “and” in front of it, just like in the English sentence,

“They fought over the best swiss army knives. In a similar way, while the word “Khabar” means hand-to-hand combat, it is better to leave out the “hand” part to create the word “Khabar-ur”, which simply means a knife. By creating a single word from two words, rather than a plural form from one word, the meaning of “Knife” in Urdu changes.

When we come to understand the specific meaning of the word “Knife” in Urdu, we then see that the knife fights in almost every battle in Pakistan and in Afghanistan.

Final Words

Many times, the knife is used to defend oneself. On other occasions, it is used to slaughter innocent civilians. And in some instances, the knife is used to defend against a bigger enemy who has overwhelming power. Knowing the knife meaning in Urdu makes it easier for students and travelers alike to understand this integral part of the language.