Tourism in the Sunshine Coast Range

The Sunshine Coast covers scenic coastal hinterland, mountain ranges, and beach resorts in southwestern Queensland, Australia. It stretches from the iconic coastal city of Caloundra, in the north to the cooler Cooloola region of the Great Sandy National Park, which includes mangrove forests and shaded pathways with breathtaking views of the sea. This region is also home to a multitude of small, family-run hotels, which showcase the region’s natural beauty and hospitality.

Sunshine Coast Range

The Sunshine Coast Highway, which connects Noosa to Brisbane, is one of the most scenic ways to travel between the two cities. Walking or biking along the highway will give you a view of the many interesting cities that are on the way, such as Noosa, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Caloundra, and Brisbane. If you find time, you should also try the “Big Hole” trek, a popular Australian adventure activity enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

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Although it is located in the Sunshine Coast urban area, the Hinterland region is actually its main center of tourist attraction. The Hinterland Sanctuary is a World Heritage Site that features a collection of unique Australian wildlife, as well as a huge range of native plants and flowers Sunshine coast. The Sunshine Coast Highway passes through the Hinterland Sanctuary, which has an interpretative center where visitors can learn about the history of this unique area. You can also visit the Hinterland lodge, which serves as a base for many activities in the region.

The Sunshine Coast is not just known for its beautiful scenery and great shopping but is also known for its friendly people and its wonderful culture. There are more than 30 ethnic cultures in Australia, making the Sunshine Coast one of the most multicultural cities in the world. With so much variety in terms of lifestyle, accommodation, and tourism, the Sunshine Coast is a great place to visit.