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Towing service in Jackson County is the preferred choice of many drivers and property owners in the area. Services offered include accident pick-up, long-distance towing, private lot management, and signage. In addition to providing quality, affordable towing, the company also provides other services such as private business lot management. It also offers a variety of other services, including roadside assistance and long-distance towing.

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Towing service is a necessity if you have a broken-down vehicle. It can get you home or work, or even to an appointment at a car shop. It is important to find a company that offers both long- and short-distance towing services. If you are going out of town for a few days or weeks, a towing service in Athens can provide fast service and reliable results.

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If you’re in need of a tow truck, the DPS website can provide you with a list of local towing services. A DPS permit is required of all towing companies operating in Georgia read more. Towing operators must also carry minimum liability insurance and meet safety standards. In addition to Georgia law, local municipalities may enact additional towing regulations. Towing service companies are required to be licensed by DPS.

Before hiring a towing service, be sure to research the costs and the services offered. State law caps the fees for towing operations. The DPS sets the rates for these services. Some cities have their own towing ordinances, which may limit the maximum fees. In case of an accident, contact the DPS to inquire about the applicable ordinances. Towing service in Athens GA has an extensive list of permitted companies.

Logan’s Towing Company Athens GA is the best choice if you need an auto repair and tire service. The company offers auto body painting and tire services. The towing staff is available 24/7 to help you if your vehicle becomes disabled or needs to be taken to an auto shop. The company’s address is 304 S. Church Street, Athens, GA 30607, and it’s easy to find them.

If you need a towing service in Athens, GA, check with the DPS. Towing service in Athens GA is required to have a permit from DPS and pay a filing fee annually. The DPS website provides a list of licensed companies in the area. The state’s DPS can help you find a local service provider. There are many options for towing services in Athens, and you should choose the one that’s right for you.

When you need a towing service, you can consult the DPS. The DPS enforces the towing laws in Georgia. A towing service must file with the DPS and have a contract with a property owner to do so. However, this law does not apply to towing performed without the permission of the property owner. A towing service can only be used when a vehicle is in an emergency situation.