Tree Trimming Chainsaw

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In recent times there has been a large amount of publicity surrounding chainsaws and the safety aspect of using them. As these cutting tools become more popular, there is a real need for chainsaw users to be educated about how to use their equipment and what to do if they are cut by one of these powerful cutting tools. Sadly the number of fatal accidents relating to chainsaws is on the rise tree trimming. This article looks at some of the dangers that can occur when people use chainsaws and some simple advice on how to avoid them.

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One of the first steps to take is to familiarise yourself with your saw. The best way to do this is by having an experienced friend or family member to inspect the saw and give you feedback on its overall performance. You should also look to your local timber caretakers for advice on using your saw. In most cases they will have first hand experience with different types of saw and the problems that they have had to overcome. Once you have had an inspection and have found that your chainsaw is working in a safe manner then you should be able to safely use it.

Trimming Chainsaw

When cutting a tree, you need to consider many factors. The first factor is of course the size of the tree. If you are not experienced, you may find it difficult to cut a tree with a large saw. Even with experience you will need to back off and allow the tree to grow naturally to ensure that you do not damage it severely.

Another consideration is how the branches are lying or may sit in the future. This is especially important if you are tree trimming close to power lines, as you need to be sure that dead branches do not spill over onto the line. Also when tree trimming with a chainsaw, you should pay attention to where the sharp part of the blade is located. You should always check this, as it can be extremely dangerous if you remove this piece before the job is completed.

If you need to move the saw whilst it is in use then there are two options open to you. Firstly, you can tie a rope to the chain and pull it behind you, whilst keeping the chain hooked at the rear of the saw. This is simple, but it means that you are often standing on your head. Secondly, you can leave the chainsaw at its current position. While you are working, it is safe to assume that any pieces of wood hanging from it will break away.

Final Words

One important safety tip is also related to using the saw. Before starting the saw, you should ensure that the ‘on’ switch is turned off. This means that the saw is safe to use, but that if you should accidentally start the saw, the machine is safe to come to a sudden stop. It should go down immediately. It is also advisable to wear ear muffs or plugs in your ears. This is because the saw has a loud noise and dust can get trapped in the ear muffs.