Two Amazing Adventures You Can Do In Baltimore

two amazing adventures you can do in baltimore 2965

The beautiful Maryland city of Baltimore has a lot to offer one who seeks a new experience in life. Known internationally as the home of Johns Hopkins University and the Harbor University Medical Center, the city is jam packed with exciting attractions and recreation opportunities for residents and visitors. With numerous outdoor activities ranging from fishing and canoeing to golfing and tennis, it’s no surprise that residents of the gorgeous city of Baltimore find themselves craving an adventurous trip or weekend outing more often than not. And if you’re one of those urban adventure seekers, why not try the following urban adventure destinations:

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Two Amazing Adventures

Gwynedd is a quaint town with charming historic villages and a gorgeous beach surrounded by trees at its north-western tip Mr. Nordheimer. If you like hiking or picnicking, then this is one of the best places in Baltimore where you can do both. Hiking enthusiasts can check out the Mount Vernon Watershed National Preserve Trail which starts at the Maryland Terrapin Society parking lot and goes all the way to the quietest part of the city at the end of Beach Road. At the end of the trail, the landscape presents a picturesque vista of the Potomac River Valley.

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Baltimore’s proximity to Eastern Shore and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay is reason enough to visit the city. A relatively young city, it has established a strong presence in Maryland’s tourism and recreational industries. It offers various entertainment venues for residents and visitors, including the Harborside Park and the Inner Harbor in Harbor East, the world’s largest publicly accessible park. For kayaking and other water sports enthusiasts, the city has a number of great places to go including the Belvedere House, the Baltimore Inner Harbor, Fells Point and the Edward M. Wrights Water Park.