US Navy, US Air Force, and US Army Challenge Coins

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When you think of coins, what do you think of? Likely you think of gold and silver coins, although bronze coins are also highly valued as well. Gold coins are a nice addition to any collection, although they are quite expensive.

US Army Challenge Coins

Silver coins, on the other hand, are not as valuable but can be combined with other coins for a unique set of coins that are all exclusive to your collection challenge coins for less. The Navy and the US Air Force challenge coins are two examples of this type of coin program.

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U.S. Navy challenge coins are an example of how tradition is often enhanced with a tangible piece of history. Although these coins are not actually “currency”, they are an easy way for military members to recognize each other in times of need of high morale.

The coins are a physical emblem of appreciation and recognition for outstanding performance or exemplary service on the part of members of the Navy. Unlike most other services, the Navy does not have a coin series that can be called “challenge coins”. However, they do have a citation needed coin program.

The US Air Force also has a coin program, although not much detail is given out as to their motivation for producing the coins. It is believed that these coins were introduced for the first responders challenge coins, but it is not known for certain. No doubt the Air Force has used challenge coins since the inception of their existence as a service branch, but it is not clear how they came about using the citation needed coin program. No doubt they will continue to use them throughout their continued service in support of service members.