Using a Plumber’s Snake to Unclog Clogged Drains

When you need to clear up a clogged drain, a plumbers snake can be very useful. These tools can be electrical or manual, but some are even electric drill-compatible, which means they are more powerful. To choose the best snake for your situation, read on to discover the benefits of a plumbers snake. Then, if you have trouble with clogged drains, try one of the manual snakes for the job!

Uncoiling a plumber’s snake

If you want to use a plumber’s snake, you should know how to properly uncoil it. A plumbing snake is a thin tool with a handle attached to it. When it is coiled up, it resembles a snake and has an auger at its end. To uncoil a snake, you should rotate the handle at a slow, steady pace. If you feel resistance in the pipe, the snake is nearing an obstruction and needs to be uncoiling.

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Buying a plumber’s snake

Whether you’re looking to unclog a sink drain or a toilet, a plumber’s snake will get the job done. All snakes work the same way. They’re long steel cables with diamond-shaped spring-like tips that cut into the clog boiler repair work. As you feed the snake down the drain, you will probably encounter traps or junctions, so you’ll want a snake that can maneuver around these. Whether you choose a coil or screw head, however, you’ll be able to tell when you’ve hit paydirt.

Using a plumber’s snake

You can clear clogs in drains by using a plumber’s snake. First, prepare your tools: a set of gloves, an old towel or paper, pliers, and a bent coat hanger. Then, insert the snake into the drain. It should slide through the drain with ease. After the snake is inside, turn the handle to move it out of the way.

Using a drain snake

Using a plumber’s drain snake is a great way to clear most clogs. Just be sure to be very gentle, or you could damage the pipe! When using a snake, you should always rotate the cable as it feeds through the pipe. Rotating it will help it clear corners and make room for the trap. You should also maintain a steady downward pressure, which will move the auger.

Using a drain snake to clear a clogged pipe

To use a plumbers snake to clear a pipe, insert it into the blockage. If you don’t have a p trap, you may want to run a trickle of cold water while you snake. If you’re able to see the blockage, you’ll be able to remove it. Using a plumbers snake is one of the most effective ways to clear a clogged pipe and restore proper plumbing flow.