Vapor Mist With Encapsulated Light for Industry, Sports, and Entertainment

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On another day, I had been sitting around brainstorming for this and it appears to me we can use this particular strategy for amusement purposes, especially for sports flat vape. The software for business is broad and huge, and quite unlimited also. Alright so let us discuss all this, shall we?

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As that precipitation flowed outward it’d in capsulate mild waves. As it takes longer to the waves to maneuver through the liquid it’d render a flow of light behind you since you moved, then it would gradually dissipate as that mild made it on the opposite side and continued on its path. The vapor and mist can be calmed by body perspiration, therefore the physical activity you’re engaged in and the harder you tried the longer light streaks would stream .

Vapor Mist With Encapsulated Light for Industry

Envision football players wearing soccer uniforms that had moisture between the layers of the uniform, or maybe even inside their padding. Every time the cushioning was bumped by a different player this could cause the moisture to float, and get beyond the uniform. As it left it would socialize with substances producing mild.

That light could be encapsulated from the mist or moisture coming from the participant since they moved down the area. It would seem as though it was streaking from these. It might give a whole new dimension to fact and it would be amazing to see on TV for example.

How about at the Olympics with rate skaters or in the Tour de France with bicyclists?
How about for bike racing, together with light stripes coming from the leather coats?


Have you ever gone into an air show and observed as the planes fly, they’ve contrails of gasoline that they leave behind. It would be like this, but they’d be stripes of light in a variety of colors. It would almost resemble a slow-motion model of tracer bullets. It may be incredible if you’re watching football.