Why You Need a Driving Buddy

A driving buddy can be a lifesaver when you’re a lone driver. Highway buddies make it easier to keep in touch, avoid frustrating slow drivers, and help you stay within company policies. They also make the experience more fun! Read on for more reasons why your driving buddy is a great addition to your car. But remember, don’t pick one blindly. Here are some things to consider before getting one for yourself.

Why You Need a Driving Buddy?

Driver Buddy keeps track of how many hours you drive, where you take breaks, and what time it’s time to take them. It also analyzes braking, speeding, and other driving incidents to give you feedback. When your driving habits change, you’ll receive notifications. The app even sends notifications to your supervisor if you get into an accident or drive too aggressively. In addition to giving feedback to you, a driving buddy can alert you to erratic driving or tiredness before you hit the road.


Driving Buddy also has long-term plans to expand into Europe and beyond. It will be able to track thousands of drivers and analyze millions of kilometers of driving data. The company recently announced a merger with Volvo, which will allow it to grow in the scope of driving instructors. This merger will allow it to improve its mobile telematics solutions for the car-sharing industry. It has been a successful collaboration and aims to continue expanding its usage across industries.